On the latest episode of “2 Days và 1 Night Season 4,” Yeon Jung Hoon shared the story of when he first fell for his wife Han Ga In!

During the March 28 broadcast of the KBS variety show, the cast members talked about the heart-fluttering feelings of nervousness that come with dating and falling in love.

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Din asked, “Honestly, doesn’t your heart race the most when you’re confessing your feelings ?” và Kim Jong Min agreed, “That’s when your heart feels like it’ll explode.”

Yeon Jung Hoon excitedly chimed in, “Isn’t it before you confess, when you wonder, ‘Does this person lượt thích me? What vì they think of me?"”

The cast members then asked Yeon Jung Hoon about his own experience asking out his wife nearly trăng tròn years ago, when they appeared together in the 2003 drama “Yellow Handkerchief.” Kim Jong Min asked if he’d been sure of Han Ga In’s feelings before confessing his own, và Yeon Jung Hoon replied, “No, I didn’t know for sure. But my heart was racing like crazy.”

Yeon Jung Hoon explained that it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight, adding, “I didn’t think much of it at first, but the more I saw her, the more I really liked her.”

The actor went on to lớn describe the exact moment he fell in love, recalling, “It was spring back then, and it was a little warmer than now. The cherry blossoms were in bloom.”

As the rest of the cast eagerly hung on lớn his every word, he continued with an excited grin, “In the middle of filming , my wife cut her bangs. She was going khổng lồ film a scene where she met me at a cafe. But that day, when she showed up, I was like, ‘Wow!’ She was radiating light.”

Referring to Han Ga In’s famous beauty, Din
Din pointed out, “But doesn’t she usually radiate light?” Yeon Jung Hoon responded, “She was shining even more brightly than usual. She looked so pretty. I completely fell for her then.”

The actor went on, “After we filmed that scene, I asked her to go for a drink, và she agreed. So we met up at night with all of our staff—her manager, stylist, everyone. We were all drinking và chatting, and she was so pretty, and I liked her so much. My eyes were already hearts. So I kept thinking khổng lồ myself, ‘What should I do? What should I do?’ và then we said goodbye. Then I ended up calling her on the phone, and I kept hesitating.”

Kim Jong Min asked in disbelief, “You confessed right away?” and Yeon Jung Hoon replied, “We started dating that day.”

“She seemed khổng lồ be wondering why it had taken me so long,” he added, “but the reason I wasn’t able to say something sooner was because I wasn’t sure how she felt, so I was being careful.” Din
Din responded with a smile, “So you were already interested in her before.”

Watch the full episode of “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4” with English subtitles below!

On February 24, SBS"s new talk/variety program "Circle House" premiered, featuring MCs Lee Seung Gi, Han Ga In, and Noh Hong Chul.

Each week,"Circle House" will giảm giá khuyến mãi with various topics related lớn dating và relationships in today"s society. On this week"s episode, one guest shared that she was against dating or being in relationships.

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During the segment, actress Han Ga In was asked how she would feel if her daughter grew up & decided that she would be against dating. Han Ga In replied, "Whether it"s against-dating, or against-marriage, I"m all for it. It"s all up khổng lồ her."

She then opened up about her own experience of struggling with "infertility" rumors, after getting married at the age of 24. She said, "I met my husband when I was 22, và got married at 24. I felt lượt thích Iwas still so young, Iwasn"t even done growing up yet, so I did not have the confidence or the desire to have a child and raise him/her. So my husband và I agreed that we would wait lớn have kids, and that"s why we did not have any kids for 11 years."

Han Ga In, who married her former drama co-star Yeon Jung Hoon in 2005, revealed, "Soon after I got married, Iwould go out in public và peoplewould always ask me, "When are you having kids?". When we didn"t have any kids, rumors started going around that our marriage was falling apart, or that Iwas "infertile". I never even tried having children in the first place, but all of a sudden, the key search word that popped up next khổng lồ my name was "infertile". Just because I got married, that doesn"t mean that the next step of my life is pregnancy. Those rumors gave me great stress."

Han Ga In then went on khổng lồ give birth to lớn her daughter in 2016 at the age of 35, & also gave birth to lớn her second child,a son, in 2019.


Han Ga In also shared about her relationship with her father on this day, and how her past led her khổng lồ marry actor Yeon Jung Hoon. When a guest stated that she had "no affection" for her father, Han Ga In agreed, "I can relate. Idid not have a good childhood growing up. I vị not hate my father. I had no expectations of him, from him, whatsoever in my childhood, so I cannot even harbor hate toward him. I have no feelings about him at all."

She continued, "Because I grew up in that kind of household, I was so happy when I visited my husband"s home. It was a warm family, the kind of families you see on TV. The stew was boiling, and everyone in the family ate at the dining table together and asked one another how their day was. One of the reasons I got married at a young age was because I wanted lớn be a part of that family... When I see my husband taking care of our children, it heals me. Sometimes, it brings me khổng lồ tears. He is showing me the image of a father that Idreamed of for our kids."