Today’s update in the ongoing saga of whether or not Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman again is another non-answer.

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Though she popped up in two of this year’s biggest superhero fiascos và returned to lớn Vin Diesel hat in hand, like another wounded DC hero, Gadot isn’t hanging up the lasso of truth quite yet. During Netflix’s Tudum fan festival, which gave the world a good look at all the new animes the stream is translating into live-action, Gadot told ET, “Things are being worked behind the scenes” and, cryptically, “once the right moment arrives, you’ll know about it.”

The state of Gadot’s Wonder Woman has been in flux since before Discovery purchased Warner Bros. Being the first movie released under HBO Max’s day-and-date release debacle amid some of the darkest và deadliest days of the coronavirus pandemic, Wonder Woman 1984 never stood a chance at the box office. But the film also failed to lớn impress critics or the DC faithful. Considering 2017’s Wonder Woman was the first DC movie khổng lồ earnestly connect with mass audiences since The Dark Knight, the failure of Wonder Woman 1984 left the future of Wonder Woman 3 uncertain. Two years later, DC Studios was under new management, & director Patty Jenkins was tapping out of Wonder Woman 3, citing “creative differences.”

Around this time, Gadot tweeted what many believed to lớn be a sendoff to the character. “A few years ago, it was announced that I was going to play Wonder Woman,” she tweeted. “I’ve been so grateful for the opportunity to lớn play such an incredible, iconic character, and more than anything I’m grateful for YOU. The fans. Can’t wait to nội dung her next chapter with you.”

Since that time, Gadot has appeared as the character several more times in both of this year’s biggest superhero washes, Shazam: Fury Of The GodsThe Flash—though it’s unclear when those scenes were shot since it took approximately 105 years for DC lớn release a movie where a someone runs really fast. Though she can hardly be held responsible for those movies, it must be getting difficult khổng lồ keep propping up flailing franchise installments that DC Studios doesn’t want anything more to vị with. Then again, money is nice.

So will Gal Gadot appear as Wonder Woman again? We’ll see if she has a cameo in Blue Beetle this summer & report back.

Patty Jenkin's Wonder Woman 3 getting put on ice doesn't necessarily mean that Gal Gadot is finished playing Diana Prince. Last year, it was announced that James Gunn & Peter Safran had been hired by Warner Bros. Discovery to lớn steer the ship at DC Studios, bringing about some major changes for the future plans of the company's superhero movie. It was reported soon after that Wonder Woman 3 had been shelved.

Recently, Gadot spoke with Total Film magazine about the project getting axed. She sees the good in the situation, grateful that the không lấy phí time has allowed her khổng lồ pursue other projects she feels passion for instead of staying tethered to a single role.

"To me, starting và developing stories that I'm passionate about is an incredible thing," she explained. "The fact that I don't have lớn sit still at home and just wait for the next offer is something that makes me feel empowered. I enjoy doing it, it keeps me alive."

That may lead lớn speculation that Gadot has no interest in returning as Wonder Woman in any future projects, but the Heart of Stone star is teasing that fans still haven't seen the last of that character. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Gadot suggested that there's something happening "behind the scenes" at DC Studios with Wonder Woman, but she's not at liberty lớn divulge anything more, only hinting that the fans will know when it's time for them to know.

"Things are being worked behind the scenes, và once the right moment arrives, you'll know about it," Gadot says.

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Gal Gadot Might Stay, But Henry Cavill's anh hào Has Gone

Warner Bros.
This may suggest that there's still a future for Gadot's Wonder Woman following the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, though it remains khổng lồ be seen if that would be for a project that's set in the new DCU, or if she'd be featured in a DC Elseworlds film. With her Justice League co-star Henry Cavill, the future is much more clear, as the actor has said he will not be reprising the role as planned following Gunn and Safran taking the reins at DC Studios.

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“I have just had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran and it’s sad news, everyone. I will, after all, not be returning as Superman,” Cavill said in a statement posted lớn Instagram. “After being told by the studio lớn announce my return back in October, prior to their hire, this news isn’t the easiest, but that’s life. The changing of the guard is something that happens. I respect that. James and Peter have a universe to lớn build. I wish them and all involved with the new universe the best of luck, và the happiest of fortunes.”

What's also unclear is the future of Ezra Miller's Barry Allen. Prior lớn the recent release of The Flash, director Andy Muschietti says he was mở cửa to doing a sequel with Miller reprising the role, despite controversy generated by the embattled actor. However, The Flash has fallen short of its box office expectations, potentially costing Warner Bros. Huge money. That may dash the chance of the film getting a follow-up, along with Miller possibly returning as The Flash in the DCU.