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This drama is somewhat relateable aside from the love lines.

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First off, its a typical youth C-drama, female lead loves the popular, smart và handsome male lead. The character development in this drama is great especially with the female lead, Xia Miao Miao. She was initially a timid và shy girl but grew into a brave, confident, & independent girl because of her friends and because of her beloved Liang You Nian.Liang You Nian is the male lead of the drama. He"s your typical c-drama male lead. He"s sweet & nice to everyone except those who ticks him off or trying khổng lồ get with his girl. You can totally see his glare when someone gets too close to lớn Miao Miao. IT WAS ADORABLE! Back lớn the story at hand, You Nian is someone who sticks to what he wants khổng lồ do & this trait of his helped Miao Miao switch her major lớn something that SHE herself really wanted to vị from the beginning. That sparked the change in Miao Miao & how hard working she is in achieving her dreams. The relationship between the two leads started later because Miao Miao had a crush on You Nian since high school and (spoiler alert) Liang You Nian did as well, however he didn"t exactly confirm this until later in university. It was cute when they got together, they held hands, hugged, not much kissing but other than that its adorable seeing them together & working together, etc. The drama also focused on other couples Lin Kai Tuo, You Nian"s younger step brother (its funny because the actor playing Kai Tuo is way older than Kuan Lin(actor playing Liang You Nian). XD Kai Tuo was coupled with He Xin (Liang You Nian"s cousin.) I điện thoại tư vấn them the temper couple cause they both have anger issues/temper. Hhahaha Another character is Wang Yi Chao & same-grade female character I forgot the name of albeit sh initially liked You Nian.Furthermore, the drama focused on family issues such as Liang You Nian"s family. His father married Kai Tuo"s mother. For a while this caused a disruption in the friend between Kai Tuo và You Nian. One misses their birth mother, & the other misses their birth father. As said before, this drama mentioned individual choices -such as majors in universities- if your family wants you to take this major, but your hearts wants something else then follow it cause thats what Miao Miao ended up doing.Lets just say, You Nian influenced a lot of Miao Miao"s choices which eventually lead to lớn an argument I thought was pointless. Anyways, You Nian also said Miao Miao inspired him as well in ways that she never knew she could because she thought he"s "too high" for her. It just tells us that You Nian doesn"t care if you"re not the best looking person, its all about the personality và your actions and what you bởi with it. The acting in this drama is not amazing. I just want lớn say Kuan Lin is not an actor even though he technically acted. He just didn"t seem natural whatsoever. His expressions are stone cold aside from his smile - which is adorable but other than that his expressions in acting is terrible. Even the crying part was awkward - it had no feeling khổng lồ me. The female lead who played XIa Miao Miao did an okay, passable job. Overall, if you lượt thích youth dramas dealing with fashion design, architect, drawing, college life, family drama, friendship then this is for you. :)

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Ever since the news that Lai Kuan Lin is having his acting debut, I have been looking forward for it. Just in case you don"t know, Lai Kuan Lin is actually my bias in Wanna One. Even if Wanna One has disbanded, I still continue to tư vấn the members.Anyway, news reported that Lai Kuan Lin will be starring on the Chinese adaptation of my favorite thai movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love. This made me more excited. My favorite Wanna One thành viên + my favorite movie = a total combination. But because I was a bit busy with my internship, I was not able to watch it while it was still on-going. I just finished watching it last February 2020.There may be some spoilers here on this review.

About A Little Thing Called First Love (2019)


It is a story of an ordinary girl (Xiao Miao Miao) who develops a crush with the famous guy (Liang Younian) in school. Because of her feelings for him, she decided lớn change herself for the better. She studied hard, fixed her physical appearance, & improved her skills.
Fact:Like what I have mentioned earlier, this is an adaptation of the thai movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, starring Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok which was released in 2010.

Things I like about A Little Thing Called First Love (2019)

They maintained most of the key scenes from the original

These are just some of the scenes that they have presented, there were a lot more in the series, which made me really really happy. This drama served as an ultimate throwback from those good times.The gradual change of Xiao Miao Miao

Since this a series, it was able to lớn show Miao Miao"s change in a gradual way. It first started with her teeth, then her skin and hair. It didn"t happen overnight. In fact, during these changes, she even encountered having allergies on her faces.
Because I already know what may happen khổng lồ the two leads, I became more focused on the other two love teams - He Xin và Lin Kai Tuo, và Wang Yi Chao and Fang Xiao Yue. They weren"t in the original film which only means their story is new. Those two love teams added the thrill to lớn this series.
There were times when I got bored with Liang Younian và Xiao Miao Miao but good thing these other two love teams were there to make me laugh.He Xin & Lin Kaituo

He Xin is Xiao Miao Miao"s friend & Liang Younian"s cousin. Lin Kaituo is Liang Younian"s step-brother (they are not really blood-related). In their love story, He Xin is the first one who likes Lin Kaituo but unlike Miao Miao, He Xin is a bit of a strong woman.She always confesses to Kaituo, followed him, does anything for him. But they always fight because Kaituo has anger issues.Yi Chao và Xiao Yue

On this love team, it"s the other way around. The guy (Yi Chao) was the one who keeps on following Xiao Yue. Both of them are Liang Younian"s friends. That"s why there are times when Younian became the mediator of the two.
Bonus: Love story between their professorsAnother fun thing in this series is that, they also added a love linear (Lu Peng doesn"t like anyone) between the professors. It"s just so funny that everyone here ended up with nobody yet they still have these feelings.The series was a bit of a slice-of-life
One of the things that I noticed here was that Miao Miao"s mother & Younian"s father never liked the course or major that they were taking.
Miao Miao"s mother wanted her lớn take Architecture because it"s the best in the country & may bring lots of money to lớn her in the future but Miao Miao wanted to lớn take fashion design. On the other hand, Younian"s father doesn"t want him to lớn take Architecture because of what happened lớn Younian"s mother. He doesn"t want his son khổng lồ experience such accidents too.
This issue is already a common thing. Most of the times, parents never liked the courses or majors that their kids take because of some reasons. But at the end of the day, it"s the kid who will live his or her own life. So I hope parents will just be supportive.
Another thing here is the issue between Younian và Kaituo. Since Younian"s mother died and Kaituo"s mother is divorced, Younian"s father và Kaituo"s mother decided to be together which was against their children"s will. And that bruised Younian"s and Kaituo"s friendship.

Things I somehow disliked with A Little Thing Called First Love (2019)

It was clearly seen that Younian liked Miao Miao
One of the most memorable thing that happened in the original was that phái nam didn"t know that Shone actually liked her. & that"s the main point of the story. Unfortunately on this series, it was clearly seen that Younian liked Miao Miao.
When the two of them started dating (which never happened in the original), I somehow lost my interest in them. I don"t know but I started skipping some parts because I find it a little cringey already. The pool part, yes it was there, but I didn"t feel much pain in watching it. It wasn"t that touching. Và I also don"t know why.
Maybe because of cultural differences? But all these time, I felt lượt thích they were just in high school. In the Philippines, once you"re in a big university, you"ll barely interact with your seniors unless you joined their club, you took advance classes, or your senior had khổng lồ retake another subject. But here, it can be seen that ALL seniors and juniors interact with each other which I found it a little bit odd.
Plus their activities were a bit of a high school thing. I don"t know. Maybe it"s really how college works there.
A Little Thing Called First Love (2019) made me remember all the good things of having a crush. This series made me want to go back lớn high school and feel the puppy love again. Being in a situation where everything is becoming serious, I guess it"s really time to lớn think about the fun things that happened before.
This drama is a very chill story. There"s no intense drama. There may be problems but not to the point where you"ll cry so hard. If you want to lớn watch something that is not that heavy, I recommend this drama. It will just make you fall in love all over again.

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