Like Overlord, Sword Art Online (SAO) too is considered a pioneer of the isekai genre. Upcoming isekai anime weren’t anything people paid much heed to, but that changed when an adaptation of Reki Kawahara’s light novel about teenagers trapped in a VR trò chơi debuted in 2012.

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More than a decade has passed since then, & today, the anime has come so far that Sword Art Online: Season 5 is what everyone is gossiping about. So if you’re wondering about the same thing, then here’s everything you’ll need to lớn know about what’s next for Kirito, including when we might see Sword Art Online: Season 5 release, as well as what it’s all about.

When Is Sword Art Online: Season 5 Coming Out?

We hate to be the one lớn break this lớn you but Sword Art Online: Season 5 doesn’t have a release date right now. While it may seem it’s bad news, it’s actually nothing to be worried about.

The “Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night” film was just released in October 2022, so the franchise is extremely active at the moment. It’s only natural for there khổng lồ be a few months or a year of silence at the least till the next project is announced, so all in all, we’ll likely have confirmation on the fifth season soon enough.

What Is Sword Art Online: Season 5 About? (Spoiler Alert)

The Sword Art Online anime is based on a series of light novels written by Reki Kawahara. The fourth season covered the entire events of the Alicization arc, so as the book’s now closed on the fourth arc, Sword Art Online: Season 5 will commence from the fifth arc titled “Unital Ring“.

In the Unital Ring arc, the story will pick up three months later. Kirito’s awake from his coma, the world knows about Alice, and Yui and the others are busy leveling up in New Aincrad. The same events that happened in season one of the anime start lớn transpire again. Somehow, New Aincrad merges with other VR games to form Unital Ring, a brand new Online game, but is it only a trò chơi or is history repeating itself?

Which Studio Is Making Sword Art Online: Season 5?

A-1 Pictures has animated all four previous seasons as well as the movies of the series, so keeping that in mind, odds are high that A-1 Pictures will animate Sword Art Online: Season 5 too. That’s perfect if you ask me because SAO has had terrific animation so far.

What’s even better is that A-1 Pictures is also the studio behind other top-rated anime including blue Exorcist, & Kaguya-sama. Plus, they’ve apparently got their hands on the upcoming Solo Leveling anime, so there’s no need to lớn take the risk of changing things up since A-1 Pictures is more than capable.

Where Will Sword Art Online: Season 5 Be Aired?

You should be able to lớn watch Sword Art Online: Season 5 on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and maybe even Hulu once it starts streaming officially. After the anime finishes its entire season run, it will likely arrive on Netflix also as all 4 released seasons are already available there.

Sword Art Online has had an unbelievable time in the industry. It’s got multiple two-part seasons, a spin-off series, 3 films, & even 18 clip games with another one coming out in 2023. It’s insane how popular SAO has become, và neither the audience nor the production ever lets the franchise sleep, so a new season is all but a done deal.

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Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is pleased lớn announce that SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection will be launching on 5 October 2023 on Play
Physical-exclusive early purchase & digital pre-order bonuses for the trò chơi have been announced today, alongside a new music clip for the game’s theme song, “VITA”, which is sung by Reo
The new music video features never-before-seen footage, which details 10 years of history from the anime and the game. It also goes to lớn indicate that SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection serves as a conclusion to lớn the trò chơi series. Please check it out!

The weapon type, 1-Handed Blade, can be changed to any of the following skins in-game:Content1. Weapon Skin: Elucidator2. Weapon Skin: Dark Repulser3. Weapon Skin: Remaining Heart4. Weapon Skin: Rainbow Blade Ex Eterna5. Weapon Skin: Aetherial Glow
Originally based on a novel by Reki Kawahara, Sword Art Online is an acclaimed anime series that follows the adventures of its young protagonist, Kirito, within the next-generation Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing trò chơi known as Sword Art Online.
This latest entry in the series is based on an all-new “War of Underworld” story arc unique to this game, & features more characters và episodes than ever before in order lớn portray a setting different from that of the source material & anime.
The threat of annihilation draws near for Underworld, a virtual world designed to give birth to lớn the supreme AI known as A.L.I.C.E.
The “Final căng thẳng Test” served as the beginning of the end... The gate dividing the Human Realm và the Dark Territory has been thrown open, causing the shadow of war lớn be cast over the two realms.

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Just then, a dark knight accompanied by a young girl bursts through the gate before Kirito và his companions...
“What’s the difference between the world ending and me dying?” Who is this girl that is seemingly destined to lớn meet a tragic fate và ultimately bring about an unavoidable “end” of all things?
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