Netflix’s Black MirrorSeason 3, Episode 5: “Men Against Fire”Directed by Jakob Verbruggen
Written by Charlie Brooker

* For a review of Episode 4, “San Junipero” – click here* For a đánh giá of Episode 6, “Hated in the Nation” – click hereStripe (Malachi Kirby) dreams of someplace better, a time before when he was happy & things were nice. When he wakes, he’s in a military barrack. The troops are rallied for a “roach hunt.” Just so happens to lớn be Stripe’s first time out. We’ve got the typical bully, the nice girl, all those army archetypes we’re used lớn seeing.Everyone is transported to lớn a camp where people stay, speaking of with the roaches. Their food & supplies have been torn up, now useless. People in the camp are scared, worried for what will happen next if the roaches back.The military crew are led by Medina (Sarah Snook), who takes them up lớn a local religious freak’s land where the roaches supposedly headed last the camp’s people saw. Armed with all sorts of gadgets, the soldiers start pressing down on the house in question. By all it looks as if they’ll be able to take care of things fairly efficient & fast: “Optimal shots fired,” Medina explains before they prepare to lớn lay siege to the man’s home. His name is Parn Heidekker (Francis Magee). He’s a little secretive, or just guarded. Either way, after a moment he lets the soldiers inside. He acts lượt thích there’s nothing going on. But is that what he wants them to think? Medina thinks that Heidekker’s religious makes him even unable lớn turn against the “roaches.” She the need khổng lồ wipe them out, to lớn stop kids from being born “like that” – are they feral, mutant people?
A great, creepy build-up leads khổng lồ the upstairs where Stripe some of these feral creatures. They leap from out of their hiding places. Guns are fired. Blood sprayed. Some of the creatures make it out of the house and into the woods. Stripe fights one viciously khổng lồ the bitter end, stabbing it deep in the chest. Và what is the strange glowing wand they carry? lượt thích a sort of device khổng lồ implant something? When Stripe picks it up, it shines into his eyes. Uh oh.

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Downstairs, Raiman (Madeline Brewer), Medina và the others keep everything under Well, Medina does, anyways. Raiman toys with Heidekker. Meanwhile we see something is not right with Stripe after those green lights shined into his pupils. What is the purpose of that device? Does it infect people? Wait. See.The soldiers torch Heidekker’s place to lớn make sure no makes it out of those walls. They head out, everyone Stripe on his two roach kills, especially the knifing. Only I feel like there’s something far more sinister headed for ole Stripe. At the barrack, he slips back into that nice dream again, a beautiful woman (Loreece Harrison) speaking “I love you” to him sweetly. But the dream changes. He sees quick cuts lớn blood smearing everywhere.Raiman and Stripe vày a bit of training the next day. She’s pretty pissed about letting a roach get away at the house. Their interface, the giải pháp công nghệ they use, it’s not unlike a Call of Duty game. They’ve got the technological edge. Or do they? That device the roach at Heidekker’s place had with him is really fucking with Stripe’s head and his aim game. Everything is starting to lớn feel out of whack for him, which Medina notices. She sends him out lớn get checked, just in case.The soldiers are linked to lớn an implanted vision that’s similar khổng lồ virtual reality, where they can see 3 chiều objects, such as the aiming with their weapons and so on. Doctor clears him, though Stripe tells him about the “flashlight“-like device the roach had. Nothing’s amiss & he’s sent on his way. Khổng lồ talk to a man named Arquette (Michael Kelly). He’s like a psychologist, of sorts. He has Stripe tell him about what happened during the raid. Arquette only talks him out of the spiral he’s been on in his head.

Stripe’s put into a nice deep sleep, lớn help him get over the slight shock of his mission. He sees his dream woman once more. They lay together, making love. Then the woman multiplies in his vision – two, three, four, five times. His implant glitches, causing him to lớn wake. Something strange is absolutely going on, no matter what Arquette or the MD say.Back over at the camp, Medina has a location from Heidekker on where the roaches may be located. Off they go on another raid. Their eye on the sky out an abandoned building where it’s likely the roaches are hiding. All of a sudden, Stripe feels his implant glitching again. His vision, everything seems different. When Medina gets taken out by a bullet everything gets very serious. Stripe & Raiman are left together against a group of roaches in the nearby buildings. The roaches, using rifles, start taking down their technology.When the pair move in Stripe’s implant malfunctions worse và worse. He’s from the neural network, it seems. His normal, human functions are returning. Does that roach device break down the army’s implant? In the meantime, Stripe and Raiman infiltrate the abandoned building, finding more devices lượt thích the one that zapped Stripe. They stumble across a non-feral woman, who Raiman shoots down in blood.Soon they some roaches, and Raiman goes absolutely nuts, firing rounds wildly throughout the building, almost hitting Stripe & nearly killing more non-feral civilians. It’s just like a game to her. So Stripe attacks her, trying khổng lồ stop her from killing them. In the process, he takes a bullet và cracks her head open with the butt of his gun.

Stripe takes off with the non-ferals until he passes out at the wheel in the truck. The civilians drag him out to lớn a safer place in the woods. To an underground lair. A woman tells him the truth: the army implant makes soldiers see civilians as roaches. Stripe can’t accept it, but she tells him firmly that “the implant made you see this.” Wow. I didn’t expect that, honestly. A nice little twist on what I thought had been happening. Still, Raiman is hunting for Stripe, and what happens when she finds him?
And what about the locals who say they’ve seen roaches? Perhaps it’s merely hatred, xenophobia, anger which drives them. One truly relevant approach to this episode, as we face a world wrought with such hate. It all started after the latest war. Policies were implemented. DNA checks required. Ah, sound familiar? At least it may sound similar khổng lồ some of what certain people in certain have been suggesting as of late when it lớn members of particular groups. Y’know?
When Raiman locates Stripe he tries to explain the truth. That ain’t good enough. He’s been taken back lớn an army facility. Arquette’s khổng lồ have a chat, trying lớn him of the exact opposite of what the civilian woman had been saying. “The whole things a lie,” Stripe tells him. Arquette explains it’s all about making people more susceptible to orders, to lớn fear. The implant allows soldiers to lớn see something ‘other’ when looking at the enemy: “Its a lot easier to lớn pull the trigger when youre aiminat the boogeyman.” All down to lớn being pure. A 21st-century vision of Nazi Germany’s eugenics. Only Stripe agreed beforehand to effectively be hypnotised, to lớn the point he can’t remember any of what happened. One strong headtrip.

The army these soldiers, to lớn the point they can literally take away sight with the implant. Arquette lays out Stripe’s options – go to jail, or have the implant reset & forget everything. But the soldier, he’s had enough. He would rather remember everything.Or would he?
Arquette then allows Stripe lớn experience the raid at Heidekker’s place, khổng lồ see everything as it really was, to feel the death, watch the blood flick over the walls. “You will see & smell và feel it all,” Arquette calmly explains.In the end, he chooses lớn live in the army dreamworld. He sees flashes of that dream woman, their idyllic house. Yet none of it is real. Maybe it’s easier that way.

A genuinely powerful episode. Lots of questions the ethics of technology, as well as military technology & strategies in the ever-changing 21st-century. So many things lớn think about. Did I miss anything? If so, let me know. Love khổng lồ hear what others are digging and thinking of each episode. Brooker’s series its amazingness with a strong third season, each episode is a spectacle unto itself.My favourite observation of this episode is how rhetoric can eventually lead lớn terrible things, as Arquette explains the timeline of how civilians became referred khổng lồ as roaches. Remember this, America. Right now.

BLACK MIRROR season 3 episode 5 Men Again Fire is quite a difficult watch and one of the most disturbing instalments of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian anthology series. But what happened at the end of Men Against Fire?


Malachi Kirby in black Mirror episode Men Against Fire (Image: NETFLIX)
WARNING: This article spoilers from black Mirror season 3, episode 5

Episode five from đen Mirror season three is one of the more bleak stories from the run & focuses on a group of soldiers in the future.

Men Against Fire follows soldier Stripe Koinange (played by Malachi Kirby) and other members of the malarky uni he works for as they hunt down “roaches”.

Stripe was seen going on missions to lớn hunt down the “roaches” with his fellow unit thành viên "Hunter" Raiman (Madeline Brewer) & leader Medina (Sarah Snook).

All of the soldiers have an implant called MASS which is used to lớn increase their senses và military skills as well as creating an augmented reality khổng lồ give them an advantage over their enemies.

During one mission Stripe and Hunter find a farmhouse where they suspect a devout Christian man (Francis Magee) is harbouring “roaches”.

They raid the house lớn find a nest of “roaches”, who appear to be monstrous creatures with sharp teeth who are aggressive.

As he và Hunter are taking down the “roaches”, one appears to lớn fire a strange device at him with an LED on it which he takes from them.

Stripe accidentally shines the light in his eye and get another blast of the LED which affects his MASS implant and causes him to start seeing things differently with his heightened senses now dampened.



Malachi Kirby in đen Mirror episode Men Against Fire (Image: NETFLIX)


Michael Kelly in black Mirror episode Men Against Fire (Image: NETFLIX)

After suffering from problems, he goes to lớn unit’s psychologist Arquette (Michael Kelly), who tells him that he’s fine.

To help Stripe relax, Arquette programmes in a sex dream for the solider that night.

Stripe goes back khổng lồ work the following day but his MASS device malfunctions & he starts seeing “roaches” as humans.

He then finds out from one terrified woman, who he sees clearly for the first time, that he’s part of a genocide programme lớn eradicate those deemed genetically inferior.

The programme is part of a war that took place a decade ago when the genocide began.


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After realising the truth, Stripe is knocked by Hunter before waking up in a military cell where Arquette is waiting for him.

Arquette explains that Stripe works for a eugenics to lớn eliminate any remaining humans with DNA that taint the ren pool.

The MASS implant has secretly been designed to lớn make ordinary people look monstrous and dehumanise, so that it’s easier for the soldiers to kill them.

Stripe agreed to do this when he first signed up to lớn the military organisation but his has been erased from his memory.

He then plays the young soldier the footage over the farmhouse raid without the reality augmentation, showing the roaches as screaming và terrified people.



Malachi Kirby in đen Mirror episode Men Against Fire (Image: NETFLIX)

Arquette gives Stripe an ultimatum: face imprisonment or erase his memory from the past few days with a full MASS reset.

Stripe’s decision is never shown but the final scene sees him discharged from the military with full honours as he stands in a trance-like state in front of house.

However, in reality, Stripe is standing by himself in front of a ramshackle building in graffiti by himself, the implication being that he’s suffering from a sort of Post-Traumatic găng Disorder and that his MASS implant is massively malfunctioning.

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Black Mirror seasons 1 - 4 are available khổng lồ watch on Netflix now

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